008/365: Fifty Friday. Three Knobs.

For my Fifty Friday theme I had to take the photo indoors as it was too early to go outdoors and shoot. I had pre-visualized about creating an image using my guitar with some key lighting courtesy of one of my desk lamps and shooting with the 50mm wide open.

My neglected guitar, taken with my 50mm lens wide open at f/1.8:

365/008 Fifty Friday: Three Knobs

You can see how smudgy the knobs are and how dusty the maple top is. Poor guitar.

It’s fun to have a fast lens like the 50mm that I have right now. It’s a bit soft though when shooting wide open. Maybe I should have used a tripod.

I was shooting almost directly at my light source and it was creating some kind of flaring or ghosting at the bottom part of the image. I kind of liked the effect, especially when combined with some vignetting.

That’s all for now!


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