008/365: Choices!

Danbo confronted with a classic dilemma.

The Cherry or the Tow-muh-toe?

008/365:  Choices!

I bet she would be better off with the cherry tomato!

The same thing happened to me this morning. I had to choose from the three images that I pre-visualized and took shots of this morning. This one I felt I liked the most.

I remember hearing and reading from a lot of professional photographers that you should only post your best shot each and every time.

Only your best work, only your best work!

I am trying to adopt that mantra.

I hope I made the correct choice on this one!

Composing an image using the square format is very new to me. It’s quite a challenge and I might take more of my future images this way. Although I can just crop to a square size later on, I think I would rather do my composition in camera on the spot. I really wanted to learn the technique of getting everything right in camera.

Another thing I discovered today is that I really need an extra battery for the GF1 in case I decide to go out in the field one day and do some shooting. I’ve been spoiled by the battery life of my previous camera, the Nikon D300 and was being taken a back a bit at how fast the battery runs out on my current gear.

More to come; until next time, have a nice day!


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