015/365: Danbo Still Likes Her Skateboard.

I got Danbo a bicycle but she still likes her skateboard:

015/365:  Danbo Still Likes Her Skateboard.

One thing that this image represents for me: location, location, location! My first attempt at taking this image were not satisfactory; I was shooting indoors and couldn’t find a good background for my set up. I’ve got Danbo’s posing down but the scene I was trying to capture indoors was not clicking for me, so I decided to venture out and see if I can do better.

It was just before 7 in the morning and the Sun has slightly risen fully. I made an attempt by setting up my scene at the doorstep of our front door. Click-click, checked the LCD, shaked my head no and then tried again. No cigar. I decided to move farther away and try the path to our front door. Still unsatisfactory.

I eventually found myself at our driveway in plain sight of whoever may drive by to witness a grown man crouching on the ground taking a picture of a tiny cardboard-like figure. Click-click, checked the LCD. Yes!

So, location, location, location. Works for real estate, works even better in photography, just as how I remembered reading and hearing from the experts!

More to come, until the next time, have a nice day!


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