018/365: First Bicycle Ride.

Danbo’s first attempt at riding her BMX bike:

018/365:  First Bicycle Ride.

It was quite a challenge for me to set up this shot as it was difficult to set the bike up so that Danbo can balance it as it had only two wheels. I had to bend a make-shift bike stand using a paper clip which I squeezed between the bike frame and the rear tire. It took me several attempts and numerous paper clips ending up in my garbage bin before I was able to come up with the correct shape and sufficient stability for the bike stand and as much as I hate doing Photoshop work on my recent images, I had to use it here to remove the offending paper clip from this photograph.

It was pretty cold this morning too when I went out to stage the shot and by the time I had the image I wanted, my fingers had gotten numb from the coldness! Funny what I had to go through just to get the right shot!

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


One thought on “018/365: First Bicycle Ride.

  1. Hi,

    very good pic.
    I can imagine that it was difficult to place Danbo properly!

    One question: where did you buy the bike?

    Please answer me via my mail-adress, because i cannot push the NotifyMe Button below, i don’t know why! Thanks

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