020/365: So Much To Explore.

An early morning stroll with Danbo:

020/365:  So Much To Explore.

Can’t wait for Summer to bloom!

This was taken at our front lawn. We just moved to a new house and the previous owner had not landscaped the place so there’s still no grass yet other than some wild ones.

I am expecting Daffodils to sprout out of the ground soon. That would be a hoot to shoot!

Not much going on this morning as I am bone-dry with ideas, hence the simple concept that I presented today. I will be racking my brain so I can come up with something better tomorrow. It is not a strain yet, but coming up with new and original ideas are becoming hard to come by lately, what with my mind split between this and my regular work which is becoming busier and busier.

More to come; until next time, have a nice day!


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