024/365: My Snowman Is Leaking.

Something that made Danbo wonder:

024/365:  My Snowman Is Leaking.

Conversation goes like this:

Me: You can’t bring your snowman in, Danbo.

Danbo: But it’s warm and cozier to finish building it inside!

Some last fun before the snow that fell yesterday finally melts.

The challenge here was to time my shot so I can get that drop of water from the bottom of the melting snow man. I wanted to get it with just one click and not use the continuous shooting mode of my GF1 as I find waiting and anticipating for the water to drop more fun and exciting.

I personally have always wanted to build a snowman. When that storm that passed over Airdrie yesterday finally died down, I saw some kids playing in the snow and building, you guessed it, snowmen. I wanted to go out too and frolic in the soft fluffiness of this white stuff but I had to do some work and I also don’t want to risk catching a cold.

I also find that it’s during this period of the season where snowman building (and snowball fights) are most ideal as the snow has just the right consistency of frozenness and wetness to compact a tight ball.

Ahhh, the joys of Winter. Maybe in the next snowfall, I will get to build one finally.

More to come; until next time, have a nice day!


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