026/365: Exploring The Edge Of The World.

An early Sunday morning stroll with Danbo:

026/365:  Exploring The Edge Of The World.

Believe it or not, this is the farthest that Danbo and I have ventured from our new home in Airdrie.

Our house opens up to a park at the back so it was a shame that we never go out to explore it until now. It was difficult early on, what with Winter just passing by and us having that late snow storm a few days ago. Now, I am really looking forward to Summer and the prospects of seeing flowers blooming all around.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “026/365: Exploring The Edge Of The World.

  1. i have a photography question. how do you get your pics so clean and clear? i’m new to photography and am wondering what technique is being used. i have taken, and often see others, pictures that have a muggy look to them.

    i hope you know what i mean by “clean and clear” and “muggy” – – any advice or explanations would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

    i enjoy your danboard series a lot. i check everyday. 🙂

    again, thanks.

    1. Hi cd! With regards to getting my pictures so clean and clear, I made sure that I have locked focus on my subject and keep my hands steady so that there will be no blurriness and the image will come up sharp. I also wait or set up the correct lighting which I think will illuminate each scene that I set up. If the lighting is not good, I would not even dare take a picture.

      I also shoot in RAW. I then do what is called “post processing” where I bring in my images to a RAW processing program like Aperture or Photoshop and tweak my images a bit until I get the look that I want.

      It’s all a matter of looking at your LCD screen (if your camera is a point and shoot one) or the viewfinder of your camera and see if it looks good. Anytime I try to capture an image, I look at how the camera shows the scene and if I like it, I take the picture. If what I see looks a bit off or if I don’t feel like I will like it, then I don’t shoot at all.

      I do not claim to be an expert on this but so far that is what works for me. I also look at lots of images on flickr, especially the ones that I think are great and try to emulate the look. Looking at images of the pros also helps a lot as it will give you an idea of what really looks good.

      I hope that helps. I would suggest looking up famous photographers and viewing their work. Nothing better to match standards with than with the masters, me thinks.

      Thanks for viewing and good luck!

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