035/365: She Dreams Of Ultimate Riding Machines.

Danbo likes to Dream:

035/365:  She Dreams Of Ultimate Riding Machines.

I am very happy with how I came up with this shot!

I set the scene up with Danbo on top of my desk with a lamp directly on top of her. Initially I was shooting quite close with a very tight crop but I was not very happy with the results that I was getting.

I did not want to repeat myself
by doing an image similar to the one I posted earlier with her on the red bike so I tried to move farther away and shooting really low. It’s by chance that I noticed when I tried to shoot really low, the edge of the desk would appear in the frame and created a dark foreground effect! So I experimented again with angles and composed the shot in a way that made it look like Danbo and the bike are riding in a dark, dreamy place. Straight out of the camera! No Photoshop work required other than the normal level adjustments in Aperture and adding my standard watermark!

Wow, what a morning! I thought I would never get a good image for today but with persistence and some blind luck, I was rewarded with something that I was truly aiming for!

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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