042/365: Four Arms Are Better Than Two.

Button-mashing came naturally with the Twins.

042/365:  Four Arms Are Better Than Two.

They sure took after their Mom!

006/365:  Do Not Disturb While In Play.

I was able to pre-visualized AND pre-posed this yesterday, so setting the scene up and getting the right image was much easier for me this morning.

Usually, I would be racking my brain on-the-spot to try to come up with a scene. That usually eats almost two-three hours of my time, which uses up valuable time from my regular work in animation.

This time around, I was able to come up with a concept yesterday afternoon. Instead of sitting on it, I pre-posed the Danbos to see if what I had in mind will work. When I found out that it would look good and that I will be able to find a very good angle to shoot and see if replicating the scene would be easy, I packed things up with a hint of a smile and returned to my work knowing I have something for this morning.

I did just that and set the scene up again. I had to do a second shoot though because I didn’t like my first composition. The good thing about it was I was done in less than an hour (including the re-shoot).

I will surely adopt this technique of pre-visualizing AND pre-posing each scene from now on.

More to come; until the next time, have an nice day!


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