045/365: A Gentle Push In The Right Direction.

Still too small to be skateboarding on their own, Danbo gives the Twins a needed push:

045/365:  A Gentle Push In The Right Direction.

I never learned to skateboard but I’ll bet these guys will!

In a break of my regular routine of taking images indoors, I decided to wait out this morning for some early morning sun. I am always a fan of natural lighting and love the opportunity to be able to shoot using just that.

I wish I had more time to set up a better scene but my work in animation needed some attention. I say that because right now the grass has really turned into very lush green and every morning when I look out the window I marvel at how colourful everything is during this time of the Season. There are still trees that are holding out, but Spring is definitely here and Summer will not be too far behind.

My image also needed some heavy Photoshop work. I had to use Danbo’s stand which attaches to the bottom of her feet to give her a slight forward leaning pose, otherwise the poor girl will topple over. I wished I had downloaded at least a trial version of the new Photoshop CS5 as it has what is called a “Content Aware” feature that works very intelligently, or so I’ve heard, in removing stuff out of the picture. But I am still happy with my amateurish work and only when you pixel peep really close will you notice where I removed the stand.

With the Twins I had to use some velcro double-sided adhesives to make them sit and stand properly on the skateboard. It will probably take some more time before they can be on their own.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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