046/365: Curiously Too Pepperminty!

I like Altoids a lot but I think the last one that I bought was too curiously minty for Danbo and the Twins:

046/365: Curiously Pepperminty!

As much as I enjoy squeezing some photography on the side, I think I might have gotten a bit overboard and ate too much out of my working hours. I suddenly found myself neck deep in animation deadline and a bit delayed with my work yesterday so today’s image was not taken exactly today.

I had to extend my working hours way past my bedtime last night and when I finished my intended work I had a hard time sleeping. Recognizing that if I do a scene for Danbo during that time I will not have to rush everything this morning.

I just bought a tin of Altoids and decided to use it in the scene. I also tried taking the arms off the Danbos and tape them over their mouth to make them appear to either be eating the mints or appear to find the mints in the Altoids too strong (which I find myself too, as this was the first time I tried this flavor).

As far as I know, no one has tried posing a Danbo this way, but I could be wrong. Still, I liked it, and now I know that I can break the limited articulation that Danbo has. Yes, I admit that her “blockiness” add to the appeal and that robot-like movement is what sells her, but I really wanted to be unique, hence my attempt for something new.

Now I have to go to work!

More to come; umtil the next time, have a nice day!


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