050/365: 50 Days of Danbo!

It’s our 50th Day so what would be more appropriate than to rollo out another red hot machine for my Little Two-Wheel-Loving Danbo:

050/365:  50 Days of Danbo!

It wouldn’t be fair to let the Twins have all the fun now, wouldn’t it?

Wow! Fifty days at it! Remarkable! I just had to say that when I think of that figure I am astounded! That’s ten days times five, which means that I’ve been racking my brain on a daily basis trying to come up with the scene for the day, fifty days of meticulously setting up each scene and moving around it with my camera trying to find the best angle for the shot.

Five-0 days of scouting locations (albeit quite close to home). As much days of frustration when a pre-visualized image didn’t come out as planned. Fifty days of importing to Aperture and post-processing and watermarking. Fifty days of uploading images to flickr and visiting my fellow flickr users!

I can go on and on! Well, maybe not as I am not that articulate. But it is quite impressive by my standards!

I am quite happy that I sold my Nikon D300 to get a Panasonic Lumix GF1 as the size is just right for my use now. I am also very, very happy with my decision to get a Revoltech Danboard as I now have a Danbo of my own (with some Twins to add to the mix). She is such a willing subject and although I get in a rut sometimes, coming up with something new with her is extremely fun and rewarding.

Here’s to another 50 days more and hoping that the 365 number in “365 Days of Danbo” will be a reality in the not so distant future!

More to come; until the nest time, have a nice day!

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