054/365: “What? It’s Snowing In May!”

Danbo and the Twins gets their ATV stuck in some unexpected Spring Snow:

054/365:  "What?  It's Snowing In May!"

Not that the Twins mind; it’s their first time to see the white stuff!

Snow in May!  I’ve only been here in Canada for almost five years now and the weather here is a constant surprise and amazement for me.  I’ve always loved snow and to see it fall right when Summer is just around the corner is some thing magical!

I really had to risk getting the Danbos and my camera getting wet when I ventured out to stage this shot.  It was not that freezing cold and the snow that is falling melts on contact immediately and my Panasonic Lumix GF1 is not weather proof so I had to make sure to tuck it underneath my jacket to protect it.  It did get some drizzle when I whipped it out for the shot.  The lens got some drops of water too so when I got back indoors I had to wipe them off gently, which was good as I hadn’t cleaned it for some time now.

The image was taken yesterday morning, which was a Saturday.  I am having the habit of shooting my images a day early, especially when animation work deadlines beckons.  By now the snow has almost all but melted, but it was fun when it lasted!

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “054/365: “What? It’s Snowing In May!”

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