056/365: Let The Air Carry Us!

A bit hesitant to try it out, but I did anyway; something that I previsualized:

056/365:  Let The Air Carry Us!

Boy, did this one took a loooong time to complete! Setting the pose up was easy but it was the tricky part of putting the scene up and taking the picture that took the longest.

I had a vision of suspending the Twins on threads and hanging on to umbrellas as if they were floating down from way up. I used some double sided velcro tapes to modify the pose and some good ol’ masking tape to attach the umbrellas to their tiny hands.

I am quite happy and proud with the poses! I have not seen this done with any other Danbo images that I have seen on the web and as far as I am concerned, I will be the first to pose it this way. Let me just put that on record for bragging rights!

I then tied a thread onto the umbrella and suspended the Twins to my desktop lamp which served as the light source for the scene. I then laid a bed sheet over my table and taped it to the wall to create a background.

The hardest and amusing part of the shoot was the waiting game! When I tied the thread and suspended the Twins, they were both swinging and spinning around because of gravity and all that stuff. I had to wait a good ten minutes or so for the pendulums to settle down.

The other tricky part was to patiently wait for them to both be facing the camera at the right moment! It’s quite amusing because one Twin would be in the perfect position and pose but because both are still slowly spinning, the other one would have it’s back facing me! Oh boy, I think I took 40 images before I was able to get one that had no blurring from the spinning as my shutter speed was quite slow at that time.

Had some heavy bit of Photoshop work needed to be done to after that to remove the threads from the image and blur the creases from the bedsheet background.

I was still not perfectly satisfied with this one as I wanted to use an actual sky for the background but after my experience I am glad I set the scene up indoors, otherwise you can just imagine the havoc a slight breeze will do to the Twins!

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


6 thoughts on “056/365: Let The Air Carry Us!

  1. Seriously. I came across all your pictures on Flickr, and this is without a doubt my favourite! Very creative, ingenious! For the life of me, I can’t work out, how did you actually create Danbo??

    1. Hi Louisee!

      Thanks for viewing! I didn’t create Danbo; it is a toy that is based on a Japanese Manga. It is what’s called a Revoltech Danboard and you can find it on Ebay or yesasia.com.

      Thanks again!


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