065/365: 65 Days And Counting…

Danbo marking a milestone in her life:

065/365:  65 Days And Counting...

Three hundred days more!

Many thanks to all my Flickr (and non-Flickr) friends and contacts for following Danbo’s adventure since day one. I never expected to be able to carry on with this for this long, but your views and comments have kept us going, and for that we salute and thank you all!

It was a fun ride but it was never easy as there were days were I had to agonize on what I should do and present. I had numerous occasion where I wanted to just fully abandon the project but the lure of Danbo and Flickr was too much.

Pressing matters with my animation work is factoring too to the time I spend setting up my scenes. The need to fit this whole thing into my busy schedule has me developing the habit of setting my scenes up late in the afternoon to shoot, process and then upload everything the next day. The rest of the day I spend at work and during those times I try to brainstorm and pre-visualize the next day’s theme. Ideas do not come consistently and I had to re-do and re-stage a failed one for something greater or lesser.

Oh well, really a hoot!

Here’s to the next three hundred days!


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