069/365: Doing Some Aerials.

Demonstrating skateboarding skills:

069/365:  Doing Some Aerials.

I could have made these poses more extreme, but I settled for something conservative for now as I had a short time to set the scene up. I used some thin threads to suspend the tiny one and taped the feet to the skateboard and then used Photoshop to edit them out of the final image.

Also, my streak of consistently getting into Flickr Explore ended at four:

Actually, if I include the dropped ones, I was able to consistently get into it for quite a number of consecutive days:

So what is this Explore thing on Flickr?

Actually, I don’t really accurately know. All I know is that Flickr showcases 500 of the most interesting images each day. It’s quite a small thrill for me to see one of my images get included in that number for the day.

It’s quite addicting!

I thought I could keep it up for more than four times, but I knew that yesterday’s image was not to par.

I really admire those who are consistently getting their images EACH DAY! I mean, it was really tough for me to break into Explore (although I seriously don’t know if there is a secret formula to be able to do it), but my other Flickr contacts are truly awesome because they do it almost every single day! I cannot single out any one of them but I am sure that anytime you view Explore, you probably saw one of theirs.

I have to thank all my viewers and Flickr contacts for that small feat that I achieved. It was something that motivated me for the last several days now and it was quite fun to do. It surely motivated me to really come up with something innovative and original every day.

Time to get back to work. Rest assured that while I am doing that, my mind is thinking of my next image!

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “069/365: Doing Some Aerials.

    1. Thanks, Anthony! Actually, you also gave me an idea and I might score some fishing lines to use instead of threads the next time.



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