071/365: Danbo Endo!

It’s starting to look more and more like a week of extremes as Danbo practices some stoppies:

071/365:  Danbo Endo!

Some Photoshop work to remove the strings supporting Danbo and the motorbike. I was attempting to do an “endless white” background in this scene but there were some fall-offs in the corners of the shot as the CFL lights in my desk lamps were not powerful enough to totally brighten everything up. I didn’t want to adjust the exposure compensation on my camera as things were starting to really look blown out in some parts of the image so I just settled with adding some vignetting.

I also went back to shooting with my 20mm Pancake Lens as I find that taking this image with my Nikon 60mm was not giving me a good result. I think a long focal length lens works better if there are some good background and foreground elements involved such as maybe real grass or shrubbery or what nots. I’ve always thought that my 60mm was the most flexible lens I have since I can use it for portraiture, general use and close up shots but in the case of my tiny Danbos I have to really work it to get the shot that I want.

I also need a tripod! I am getting good at hand-holding my shots and getting decently sharp pictures, even at say 1/30 shutter speed, but that’s with the fast 20mm lens. With my Nikon 60mm the camera shake is so bad that hand-holding it is virtually impossible unless I mount it on a tripod. Gotta work on that one hopefully soon as funds become more available.

Well, I have deadlines with animation work looming so that is it for now! To be honest, it’s a wonder that I can still squeeze in some time to do some photography. I think this activity has become my relaxation of some sort and a much needed creative jump start before I dive in with work.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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