072/365: Danbo Dirt Bike Jump!

It seems that my Danbo is really getting more extreme with her motorcycle stunts:

072/365:  Danbo Dirt Bike Jump!

I would be very interested to see what people would think of this image as I am not particularly happy with how this turned out. To be honest, this is my least favorite scene so far. I had to do a lot of retouching and enhancement just to make it look “right”.

I think this is a case of me failing to execute the idea properly. Must be the stress of work. I had this vision for the scene, but I really had a lot of difficulty setting it up. My lighting was not that good too, as you can see the uneven fall-offs at the sides of the images caused by shadows of the light fixture’s articulated arm and the lamp that I placed in the foreground to help light up Danbo’s face.

I also had a hard time finding a nice angle for the shot. I had the idea in my mind but when I was trying to execute it, it just wouldn’t work for me. I liked the pose a lot, but I just couldn’t get the right shot for it. No matter where I move for a better view, the image that I was getting just wouldn’t cut it for me. Since I was running out of time I settled for a more conservative, regular straight on shot.

This may be the most “off” session I had of Danbo since I started out this project. Nothing seemed to work . It may be that I am too burned out with my regular animation work and the stress of trying to meet deadlines may have affected me so much that it translated to a bad set up and a poor (in my opinion) image.

Oh well, I will let this one pass and hopefully come up with something more better the next time. I think I may have run this whole motorcycle stunt thing to the ground already and milked the “Danbo doing stunts” enough. Setting up such complex scenes is too time consuming! Time to think of a new theme.

I may sound too hard on myself but remember that I do this to please my number one fan and critic: ME!

On another note: my streak of successively getting into Flickr Explore finally ended at six today (it could have been more had some had not been dropped). Yesterday’s image didn’t get in:

I guess my luck only goes so far. Rightly so; this slight obsession with trying to daily get into Flickr is affecting me a bit and is causing some slight interference with my regular work concentration. Time to give that one up!

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “072/365: Danbo Dirt Bike Jump!

  1. Hope things for your work will get better soon!
    Congrats for all the Explore! You totally deserve it. I am sure more is gonna come later.

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