076/365: The Feel Of Summer.

Danbo and the Twins basks in some warm Summer light:

076_365:  The Feel Of Summer.

Taken from my sister-in-laws garden in Calgary. This is the farthest from home that Danbo and the Twins have been, so they were a bit uneasy and shy to pose and felt less than brave to mug for the camera. The world seems so large when seen from outside the comfort and range of what they got used to at home.

As for me, I’ve gotten so used to setting up my scenes indoors that when presented with the opportunity to take some outdoor shots, I was taken aback a bit and got overwhelmed, hence the simple sitting poses. It was a shame because my sister-in-law’s garden was full of interesting spots. I was so overwhelmed that I felt like I had blinders in my eyes and had a hard time scouting for what spot is best to shoot.

It was also the first time that somebody other than my wife witnessed me doing the set up for Danbo. I especially liked how my wife’s nieces and nephews reacted when they first saw Danbo and the Twins and it was a miss that I was not able to document it in photographs. Maybe next time I will be more prepared when we make another trip to Calgary.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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