076/365: Mutual Curiosity.

Who’s checking out who? Danbo and the Twins get to interact with my wife’s nephew:

077/365:  Mutual Curiosity.

A last minute take during our previous trip to Calgary. We were just about to leave and I was planning on just taking one more image of Danbo and the Twins as they bask in the sun in my sister-in-law’s garden and it was fortunate that our nephew got curious and agreed to pose for us.

A bit back dated as this was taken at the same time as yesterday’s post, but I hope I will be forgiven as I am terribly busy with work and had to resort to some reserve images. Actually, it was my wife’s idea to keep and continue with this one to follow up on yesterday’s Summer themed post.

I wish I could take my nephew home with us here in Airdrie so I can shoot more of him with our Danbo family, but that will have to wait for another opportunity as he still has some school to finish.

I need to get on to work to, so we shall see you next time!

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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