080/365: Friday Family Frolic!

It was a week-long Summer play for Danbo and the Twins:

080/365:  Friday Family Frolic

A week of the colour green!

We are loving Summer!

I am loving Summer. In fact, this is the most fun I had at the very start of Summer!

I usually dislike Summer, believe it or not. I prefer the cold, white snow of Winter. Go figure.

Maybe it’s because the place we used to stay in Calgary was not as awesome as the place that we are staying now.

We never had a front lawn in our old townhouse in Calgary. There was one, but it was not ours as it is a condominium and everybody owns it.

We never had a huge deck with a back yard. We have one now, especially after all the landscaping has been completed.

The sense of ownership that I have of our new home is such that I could never imagine living in another place.

This Summer, other families might go out on camping trips, maybe hiking or fishing.

I will stay at home and will be enjoying our yard.

Forgive me for milking the green colour of grass for a week. Danbo and the Twins has been shooting sessions indoors for quite some time and the opportunity to go out and frolic in the sun is a welcome thing for them. I find it welcoming for me as well!

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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