083/365: Danbo School of Ballet: Doing An Arabesque!

Danbo shows the Twins some basic Ballet moves, starting with an Arabesque:

083/365:  Danbo School Of Ballet:  Doing An Arabesque!

“You leave one foot on the ground and raise the other leg to 90 degree angle, making a straight line from the tip of your finger to the end of your big toe.”

My younger sister was a ballet dancer, hence my knowledge of some Ballet poses!

Will this be the week that one of the Twins finally learn how to dance?

We shall find out!

It’s gonna be a lot of work to get Danbo to do these Ballet poses! I had to rely on some strings to help support her, especially when she needs to stand on just one leg. I edit the strings out using Photoshop, of course.

I also fashioned a Tutu for one of the Little Ones using some fabric from a souvenir garland that my wife brought home long time ago and some masking tape to fasten it around the waist. I need to find a better material for the Tutu but for now the makeshift one will have to do.

I’ve been reserving this Ballet theme for quite some time now and seeing that I am lacking in ideas I think it is time to pull it out of the bag and do a whole week with it. I’ll see how far I can milk it!

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


3 thoughts on “083/365: Danbo School of Ballet: Doing An Arabesque!

  1. It’s remind me about my high school’s physics’s teacher. He used to ask us to practice this action too ^^

    well, I like all the photos you post in this blog!
    Keep it up ^^

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