088/365: Playing “Stack-The-Box.”

One of the Twins is up to his normal mischiefs again:

088/365: Playing "Stack-The-Boxes".

If anyone has a keen eye they might notice something in the background that may play another important role in the Danbo Family’s future. I might let that cat come out of the bag very soon.

Anyways, I just finished re-organizing my office and after moving the desks around I was able to come up with a much efficient and roomier work space. This morning, setting up this Danbo scene was a breeze. I had this idea in mind for quite a while where I will use some of the shipping boxes that I still have (including an Amazon branded one at that) as a backdrop for the scene.

I have been using a Rotolight to light up my scenes. You can find the product here. It’s an LED lighting and I opted for it instead of a regular camera flash as I have gotten used to using continuous lighting in setting up my scenes. I might write something more detailed about that product in a future post.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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