089/365: Lazy Saturday Browsing.

My Little Danbo Family reading up on Anime and Manga and all things Japan:

089/365:  Lazy Saturday Browsing.

I was cleaning up my office and found my old stack of Newtype magazines.

It’s all written in Japanese, but since the Danbos are from Japan they seem to have no problem reading it.

I shot the image above using natural lighting for a change. I have been lighting my Danbo scenes up with continuous lighting a lot lately so using natural lighting that came through my office window for a change was quite refreshing.

I’ve also been shooting more and more with my Micro-Nikkor 60mm AF 2.8 D lens with an adapter as I find that the image quality that I get from this lens is superior to the 20mm Pancake lens that came as a kit with my Panasonic GF1. Shooting a lot with the camera on a tripod too as the lens and camera body combination I have right now necessitate it.

Oh by the way, Newtype is a popular monthly magazine publication from Japan that covers Anime and Manga and to some small extent video games, Japanese science fiction and many other else.

I first learned about it sometime in 1999 while I was undergoing training in animation at FilCartoons back in the Philippines. One of my fellow artist brought one with him to work one day and I was hooked. The magazine featured lots of Anime and Manga characters, not to mention lots of Gundams and other Japanese robots. It was a feast to the eyes for me! It’s all written in Japanese but I didn’t mind; the colourful images of Anime characters were all that I wanted to look at.

When my Mom worked in Taiwan, she found a store that was selling Newtype magazines. Upon my nagging she would buy one every month and send them over to me back to Manila. I was able to collect more than a year’s worth of issues and when my wife and I moved to Canada I brought all of them along with me.

Eventually I grew tired of just looking at the images and gave up on getting more issues. Later on I learned about the North American version of Newtype which translated the magazine into English but the price of subscription was too prohibitive and by that time I had already moved on to collecting other things. Besides, publication of the English version halted sometime in 2008.

I have lost touch with current Anime and Manga stuff so I wonder how the current issues of Newtype looks nowadays…

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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