091/365:Basking In The Colours Of The Fall.

Fall has become our favourite Season of all!

091/365:  Basking In The Colours of The Fall.

I have to admit: I have been ignoring the season of Fall.

Since moving to Canada in 2005, I have always professed my preference for Winter. I know, it sounds crazy, but I really liked how Winter magically turns every surrounding into a blanket of white whenever it snows. Maybe it’s because I came from the Philippines where we never get to experience such things. Hence, I’ve ignored Spring, dis-approve of Summer, and basically never thought about the Fall.

Until now.

Boy, how having the Danbos with me helped changed that. Ever since I picked up photography as a hobby, I have never been this engrossed with Fall. How could I have turned a blind eye away from such glorious, beautiful natural colours! There’s so much of them around that I could probably spend a whole day just taking picture after picture of it.

You bet there will be more Fall images after this. I am that beguiled by it.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!

4 thoughts on “091/365:Basking In The Colours Of The Fall.

  1. Wow! Just stunning. The Danbo Family look as enchanted with Fall (autumn to we Brits of course =)) as you are. Your absence on Flickr has been greatly felt.

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