095/365: Nuthin’ Doin’, Just Chillin’.

My Little Danbo Family gladly posed for me for an impromptu family portrait:

095/365:  Nuthin' Doin', Just Chillin'.

They are so photogenic!

Indoor shoot once again. One desktop lamp with cool white CFL directly on top of the desk. For the reflection, I pulled out the glass door from our TV Cabinet and laid it on top of my desk. I sure wish that I can replicate this kind of lighting when I finally get my own studio and some proper studio lights.

I’ve been mentioning something that I would let out of the bag soon. I have been pushing that later and later as I am approaching 100 days and I think it would be fitting to break that one out once I reach that milestone. We shall see.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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