102/365: Why, Hello There!

Welcoming our new friend, Danbo 2!

102/365:  Why, Hello There!

Wow! I think I am happy with how I went with this story line of introducing my new Danbo into the world. I had so many ideas at first, but as each day passed, I had to narrow down the choices.

Initially, I was planning on taking sort of a romantic route by showing how lonely my Original Danbo is becoming. I illustrated that before here:

037/365:  Sometimes Dreaming Never Lasts.

That was the precursor to the arrival of the Twins which I showed here:

039/365:  Welcoming The Twins!

I scrapped the “lonely” and “romantic” angle for something more simple because when I was trying to set up that scene, I couldn’t get the result that I want.

Oh, you wouldn’t believe how many attempts it usually take for me to settle for the right image for the day.

To give everybody an insight, here is the image that I settled on at first:

It looked pretty good to me at first. One of the Twins is shaking the arm of the new arrival, Danbo leaning a bit forward. However, the more I looked at it, the more I feel that it looked bland.

I switched to a more square format and moved the poses a bit to fit the composition. There was so much empty space at the bottom of the image so I placed some Scrabble tiles to form the words “Hello”:

Hmmm, I liked that. However, I wanted to make it a bit fancier. Maybe if I turn the letters around to make it appear it was intended to be read from Danbo 2’s point of view:

A-ha! Now I am getting something! I finally decided to spell out the word “flickr” as well, but this time in a more jumbled fashion so that it will not be so obvious. I also filled the negative space at the top of the image by re-composing it a tiny bit:

That’s it! I feel like the final image tells a more interesting story than my first initial attempt, so off it goes to processing via Aperture. Some auto corrections, Levels and Curves tweaking, then my customary vignetting and viola!

This scenario has been happening quite frequently recently. It’s because I really feel like I should top the last image with an even better one. A very tough road to take and I know setting the bar too high might make it too hard for me down the road, but I like the challenge. It helps me be more creative.

Besides, if ever I burn out and run out of ideas, I will just go on another hiatus. Not!

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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