105/365: Let’s Explore!

Ready to go out and explore:

105/365:  Let's Explore!

Wife and I were out almost the whole day Sunday so I had no time to set up a scene. My ideas were running dry after that series with Danbo 2 so I had to scrape something from nothing. Went to the old reliable Scrabble tiles and tried something that would represent their readiness to begin exploring. Turned all the lights off and turned on all the Danbos’ eyes to illuminate the scene.

Not the best effort, but I’ll take it.

To be honest, bringing a fourth Danbo into the mix is becoming quite a challenge. Having three of them was quite a handful already, but I have become accustomed with three of them in my compositions. The fourth one seems to be throwing the balance off a bit.

Hopefully something will come up this week to spark my creativity a bit.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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