107/365: Early Morning Frolic.

An early morning game of Tag for my Little Danbo Family, with the New One being “It”:

107/365: Early Morning Frolic.

It was the first time since I got back to this project that I have an image taken on the exact day of the upload. It’s just that I got so busy with errands yesterday that I was not able to find time to set a scene up.

However, I have to point out that when I first started this project, I was indeed creating images on the same day of the upload. Back then, my routine was I would wake up at around 3:30 in the early morning to prepare doing my animation work. I prefer to wake up at that time because I feel like my mind works at its best during those early morning hours where it is all quiet in the house.

Since the project was still very fresh, I had lots of ideas lined up in my mind so setting a scene up was very quick. I believe I was able to complete everything in half an hour back then. That includes a quick scene set up, lighting, image capture, offloading of file from camera to computer, image editing and finally uploading and blog writing.

Nowadays, in an attempt to top the very last image, scene set up has become quite lengthy, especially in production value. What used to take me half an hour to complete, it now takes me almost an hour and that is just to set up the scene and taking images. Quite a change from what used to be just a quickie routine.

Today, I had to test my patience. I was already up very early in the morning and wanted to do one more outdoor scene in line with the story line that I have developed about introducing Danbo 2 into the world. It was still very dark outside at that moment so I had to really wait a couple more hours for the Sun to rise before I can go out and do some shooting.

When it did come up, I found myself rushing to set up the scene as I noticed that the Sun’s rays were quickly moving away and if I don’t hurry, I would miss that golden chance of it lighting the scene just right. The image above was the very first image I took from several attempts. By the time I was about to try another set up, the sunbeam has hidden itself behind the shadow of our neighbor’s house.

I was not particularly happy with it as I was in a rush, but considering the circumstances I’ll take it.

I have to find a way to make it easier for me to make the Danbos stand up right when placed on an uneven surface like our backyard grass. They keep toppling over and it was a tiny bit frustrating as I missed a number of shots because of that.

On another note, I am waiting for something in the mail and I hope I get it soon. It is something that would help me transition to a new story line. For now, Danbo continues with their exploration.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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