110/365: The Danbos Gets A Camera!

My Little Danbo Family gets a camera of their own!

110/365:  The Danbos Gets A Camera!

Didn’t want to keep this in suspense for long. I ordered this 1/6 Scale Camera from Photojojo. I stumbled upon it a couple of months ago and decided to get one.

It is very tiny indeed and would work well with any 1/6 Scale figure:

My New Camera.

It matches the Danbos pretty well, as one of the Twins demonstrates by inspecting the camera very closely:

Inspecting The New Gear.

It also comes with other goodies too:

More Goodies.

Here is the whole kaboodle, being inspected by Danbo 2:

The Whole Kaboodle

The package arrived with the following items:

  1. A camera body that mimics a Canon DSLR.
  2. A 17-85 mm Lens with lens hood.  Good for super wide angle shots and moderate telephoto.
  3. A 24-105mm Lens with lens hood.  What might be a good walk-around lens as you get good wide angle plus telephoto.
  4. An f/4 400 mm Telephoto Lens with lens hood.  Now this is a huge brute!

I am sure there are other 1/6 Scale Camera that can be found on EBay if you do a search for it. I went for Photojojo as I am sometimes wary of ordering from EBay. You can find Photojojo’s store here.  I placed my order on September 30.  It was not readily in stock when I ordered it so I had to wait a few days before getting a shipping notice on October 7.  I received the item here in Airdrie, AB Canada on October 22.  It took a while, but I guess it was worth the wait.

Getting stuff like these is something that I do when I run out of ideas.  It’s arrival yesterday was very timely as I was already getting into a rut, having milked Danbo 2’s arrival for so long already.  Now, I feel very excited as ideas are once again pouring out of my brain.  We shall see where these new gear will lead.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “110/365: The Danbos Gets A Camera!

  1. I just got this mini camera from Photojojo too. I love it. It’s currently hanging out with my Mini Danbo on our bookshelf…but I have yet to take any photos featuring it. Way fun!

    1. Hi Jenn!

      Thanks for dropping by! You should share some images of your Danbo with the camera!

      Your blog is very nice too!



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