122/365: A Happy Danbo Family.

When you are contented, what more can you ask for?

122/365:  A Happy Danbo Family.

If they are happy, I am happy.

Went with my DIY Lightbox made out of foam board for this one. Placed the glass door from our TV cabinet as the floor surface to get some reflection. Used spot metering to meter off the body to get the right exposure and make the background totally white.

Note to self: do not use double-sided tape on glass. Quite difficult to remove the adhesive.

Wanted to do something different as well by uploading on Flickr at a different time of the day. Usually I upload in the early morning when I wake up at 4:30 AM. Decided to change schedule and do my upload during the evening instead right after shooting my image.

*UPDATE* Screwed up and will go back to my regular routine of uploading and posting during the morning. The reason for this madness is that I wanted to upload and post at the official start of each day. Which leads me to the question: where in the world does the new day officially begins?

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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