127/365: Happy Birthday, Danbo!

A year ago from today, my Original Danbo arrived at our doorstep.

To celebrate this milestone, the Danbo Family surprised her with token gifts:

127/365:  Happy Birthday, Danbo!

Happy Birthday, my Sweet Little Friend!

I also would like to give my sincerest thanks to all my Flickr Friends, old and new, for warmly welcoming me back. I shall catch up with you all soon!

Plus, some of you were asking about Danbo’s new arms as well.

Before I get to that, something about today. Today is a milestone of sorts.

A year ago from today, my very first Danbo arrived at my doorstep:

Revoltech Danbo!

A day later from that day a year ago, I started my 365 Days Of Danbo Project.

001/365: A World Waiting To Be Explored.

Had I not taken those breaks, today could have been the second to the last day of the project.

Oh well, C’est la vie! I am just happy to be back.

To be honest, it wasn’t easy. The demands of a tight schedule from work and the lack of enthusiasm and inspiration kept me away from the project. Anytime I try to get back into it I would step right back out, thinking, “what more could I do that would set my Danbo images apart?”

I say that because I take special pride in what I do with my Danbo images, especially with coming up with unique ways to pose it. Sure, there are a lot of other photographers there who have their own Danbo, but I believe no one poses theirs like I do and I unabashedly take a lot pride in claiming that I came up with some of the most unique Danbo posing out there.

To name a few, here are some that I shared with Flickr that I am most proud of:

The first to put Danbo on a bike. Just not with a bike, but ON the bike:

018/365:  First Bicycle Ride.

I do not claim to be the first to pull out Danbo’s legs to create the “sitting” pose, but I do believe I am the first to push that idea further and pose the legs in all sorts of manner:

055/365:  A Game Of LeapFrog!
056/365:  Let The Air Carry Us!
066/365:  Who Weighs More Now?
073/365: Danbo, T.G.I.F!
069/365:  Doing Some Aerials.
096/365:  Jump For Joy!

I believe I am also the first to pull the arms out so I can come up with arm poses like these:

050/365:  50 Days of Danbo!
064/365:  The Three Wise Danbos.

Now, perhaps the idea that I am most proud of to share with you and claim to be THE VERY FIRST AND ONLY ONE OUT THERE RIGHT NOW is this: Danbo’s custom arms:


The idea of modifying Danbo’s arms came to me during that long hiatus that I went through. I was brainstorming and wanted to do something unique, something that no other Danbo owner has ever done before. You see, I got tired of doing the same pose over and over again, magnified by the fact that you soon see others doing the same thing with theirs. I wanted something unique.

I guess this is as unique as it can get!

I am excited with the possibilities and ideas that I can come up with with these new arms. It’s just what I needed to be inspired once again and to get a good jump start and get right back into this project.

Sorry I keep repeating myself, but I just want to say yet again that for the record I was the very first to thought about it, and I am very proud of that fact! Looking forward to sharing more photos of Danbo with you all in the coming days!

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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