Building An RC Truck: My Axial SCX10 Honcho.

Remember when I used to have an Radio Controlled truck called the Traxxas Summit?

I sold that! The reason being is I wanted to build a kit.

So, from the bounty I got from selling my Summit, I got this:

Axial_Honcho_Purchase 1

It’s the Axial SCX10 Honcho Kit, made by Axial, one of the most popular Radio Controlled Scale Truck manufacturer. I chose it over a Tamiya kit because it is one of the most popular scale rig out there, so much customizability available!

Here is the box:

Axial_Honcho_Purchase 2

This kit would be needing a number of items to be able to get running. Here’s a list of the items that are required to complete the kit:

  1. A Radio Transmitter.
  2. Battery.
  3. Motor.
  4. Steering Servo.
  5. Receiver.
  6. Electronic Speed Controller (ESC).

Herewith is what I used in mine:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  029

Here is what I got for the Radio Transmitter.  It is the Spektrum DX3E 3-Channel 2.4 GHz DSM Radio System.  It comes with a receiver and a steering servo.  It is one of the most affordable yet capable and popular radio transmitter in the market today, especially for a beginner like me:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  030

Here is the battery that I went with. It is a 6-cell, 4200Mah Nickel Metal Hydride battery (NiMh):

SCX10_Honcho_Build  033

For the motor I went with something really popular and capable with the RC scale rig crawler crowd, the TEKIN Hand Wound 35Turn Electric Motor. This is not a very fast motor, but being a 35 turn one, it provides a lot of torque at low, crawling speed:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  032

I paired that with one of the best electronic speed controller out there, the TEKIN FXR. This baby is super smooth and has what’s called “drag brake”, a feature that actually mimics braking, very handy when the truck is going downhill:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  031

For a steering servo, I am using my Traxxas 2075 High Torque Servo. This was shipped to me by Traxxas for free, back when I thought that one of the steering servo on my Traxxas Summit was defective. I kept it as a spare, now I have good use for it:

Axial_Honcho_Purchase 3

I also got me some hex tools:

Axial_Honcho_Purchase 4

On with the build!

Here I completed the front and rear axle assembly:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  001

Next are the drive shafts:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  002

This is perhaps the most difficult part of the build. It was quite difficult to get that metal yoke to fit into the plastic drive shaft:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  003

The completed oil-filled coiled spring suspension assembly:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  004

Here it is starting to take shape. These are the axles with the links and suspension installed:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  006

The completed transmission housing:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  009

Steering servo installed into the front axle:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  010

The completed ladder frame chassis:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  012

Beadlock wheels and tires:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  017

The complete chassis, sans motor and electronics:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  019

The Lexan body, trimmed and getting prep for painting:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  020

Fully painted body with two-colour paint scheme:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  021

Front cab fully decalled:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  023

Front cab and rear roll cage and bed married together:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  024

The completed rolling chassis:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  027

SCX10_Honcho_Build  028

Motor and ESC after soldering:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  036

Chassis with all electronics and motor installed:

SCX10_Honcho_Build  037

Some beauty shots before I gave her a good break-in run:

SCX10 Honcho

SCX10 Honcho

I dubbed her “RED RIDING HONCHO”:

SCX10 Honcho

Took her out for a test run at a vacant lot where there’s a lot of dirt mounds:

SCX10 Honcho
SCX10 Honcho
SCX10 Honcho
SCX10 Honcho
SCX10 Honcho
SCX10 Honcho

Parting shot:

SCX10 Honcho

Thanks for viewing!


One thought on “Building An RC Truck: My Axial SCX10 Honcho.

  1. Randy, just won a kit on e-bay. I’ve painted 50+ bodies and was undecieded on my paint for this Honcho. I really like the clean look you went for. Also very well done on the masking. Thanks for the ideas. Mike

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