142/365: Inspecting The Finished Roller.

Yay! We finished building the roller chassis of my Axial Wraith:

142/365:  Inspecting The Finished Roller.

I called it “roller” because I learned that that is a term being used in the RC community for a chassis that has been completely assembled but does not have any form of power to make it move.

In my case, I still have to put in an electric motor as well as an electronic speed controller.

The electronic speed controller (ESC) controls the motor’s operation to go forward or reverse.

I also need to put in a radio receiver as well. That allows the owner of the rig to control the truck remotely via a hand-held controller.

There is also the matter of painting the Lexan body panels that will cover the bare-naked roll cage of the truck. Weather has been very cold nowadays in Airdrie. Spray painting outdoors is ill-adviced because of it; my Tamiya paint cans specify not to do any painting on weather conditions that are under 10ºC.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “142/365: Inspecting The Finished Roller.

  1. Your new Danbo series is hitting two birds with one stone. You get to do your Danbo poses and you get to build your RC. Good job!

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