146/365: So This Is An ESC.

My Little Danbo Family admiring what would be the electronic brain of the Axial Wraith: A Tekin FXR forward/reverse electronic speed controller:

146/365: So This Is An ESC.

This tiny thing will be what will make the truck move forward or backwards. I have used this ESC before in my Axial Red Riding Honcho. Paired with a Tekin 35T motor, it works fantastic.

The reason I chose this ESC is that it allows for buttery-smooth slow crawling. I need that when I am going over rocks and other obstructions. Other ESC would jerk and cog when trying to go at small throttle applications; this one does not.

My truck is slowly coming together and I can’t wait to reveal how it looks!

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


One thought on “146/365: So This Is An ESC.

  1. I can almost imagine how they are looking at the “electronic brain” with bated breath as they hold it in their non-existent lungs and lots of ???!!!!??? in their non-existent brains. Very life-like, Dong.

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