148/365: Danbo’s Axial Wraith Revealed!

Well now, here’s Danbo revealing her new ride, the Axial Wraith!

148/365: Danbo's Axial Wraith Revealed!

Of course, this rig has been completed days ago. I just wanted to milk it photography-wise for all its worth!

The scene was staged at our garage. I set up one desktop lamp with a cool white CFL bulb and positioned the lamp directly over the scene.

I always liked how the grey colour of our bare concrete garage flooring turns out in photos so when it came to choose a location for staging the scene, it was me off to our garage.

I had to wear some sweaters that are bound for the laundry when I shot this scene; I needed to sprawl down the floor to establish a Danbo-eye level shot and the floor is quite dusty.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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