154/365: Have A Break.

Nothing like a bar of our favourite chocolate to lift the spirits up:

154/365: Have A Break.

Yikes, and nothing like ripping a popular commercial slogan!

I do love KitKat Wafer Bars. Had I not been watching my sugar intake, I probably would eat a box of them and more!

On another note, something funny happened earlier today. Somebody commented on one of my Flickr photos that it was not a real photo and was “rendered”. Huh? Tyrant that I am, the comment had to go. 🙂

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


3 thoughts on “154/365: Have A Break.

  1. Really, someone said that? That you photos are “rendered?” Ang labo naman. Yeah, it’s a good thing, you deleted it; ’twas very unprofessional!

    1. Thanks, Kev!

      I use a white foam board and sometimes a white poster board for my back drops.



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