167/365: Serenade!

Woody sings for Danbo and Yotsuba:

167/365: Serenade!

I missed a day. Be as it may, I don’t feel sorry that I did. I love that my attitude towards this project is more relaxed.

So it’s not a proper 365 day project; I don’t care anymore. I just want it to be a fun thing.

Not being able to review that Revoltech Woody is still in the back of my ming, though…

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


5 thoughts on “167/365: Serenade!

  1. hey i have a danbo too i am a big fan of your photos and i love your woody and yotsuba! but hey i would like to know where did you get the bending danbo arms and if you made them do you think i could get a copy and i would pay you for a pair. please right back

    jeremy mcferret

    1. Hi Jeremy! Thanks for your comments.

      With regards to Danbo’s bent arms: I made them myself. Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy that I could sell.

      It’s also something I made to make my Danbo unique.



      1. Woah really?! N i understand lik in some of my photos danbo wears a red scarf that i made him. Its that like u i got tired of the arms that dont bend. Also how did u make it look so professionally made? N i was readin ur discription n ur an animator im 16 n thats wat i want to be after i graduate. I live in florida.

      2. Hey for your 365 days of danbo try taking pictures outside. Canada is beautiful and if you live by a mountian try to take pictures showin it on the back round and you could try to make snap shot animations with the gang!

      3. Thank you for your kind comments, Jeremy.

        To answer your question about how it looks professionally made; I shoot in RAW and process my images.

        Yes, I am an animator. You can try Animation Mentor (Google it) if you are interested in pursuing a career in animation.

        I do live in Canada. It is a beautiful country. However, if I just take my Danbo out and take a picture of it by a mountain or whatever scenery, then it is just a snapshot. I would rather create a scene and tell a story with my Danbo than make a photo of Danbo in an environment setting. There are enough Danbo in an environment setting on Flickr. Thank you for the suggestion, though.



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