Danbo Adventures: Hungry Danbo Eats Pizza.

Hungry Danbo is having two slices of Pizza:

Danbo Adventures: Hungry Danbo Eats Pizza.

Donair Pizza, to be exact.

Who wouldn’t be hungry if one has been in a box since being shipped from the toy factory?

I experimented with lighting on this one. Normally, I would set up my scenes on a table with one or two desktop lamps.

I always have wanted to try my hand at using natural lighting as my main light source. Inspired by a lot of food photography, I went out of my comfort zone and tried to set this scene up in such a way as how some photographers set up their food photography, that is, having the main light ,which is in this case my dining room window, set behind the subject. I then placed two white foam board at the front off camera to reflect the light back at my subject. As always, my camera was on a tripod and I manually set the exposure as well as the focus on this one. I like it.

I might be setting up more of my future indoor scenes this way, depending on how the light will be shining through my window.

Oh, and those two slices of Pizza were quite filling!

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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