Danbo Adventures: Danbo Washes Hands.

Danbo washes hands after a meal:

Danbo Adventures: Danbo Washes hands.

You would not want to know how I came up with this idea.

Okay, I’ll tell you just the same.

I was sitting on the throne and was looking over the sink. Since Danbo has been eating in the previous set-up, I thought why not shot a scene in the powder room with Danbo washing her hands?

Out came the tripod. I wanted to see if I can do a long exposure so that the water from the faucet will be blurry. I manually set my aperture to f11 so I can slow the shutter speed down, making the water blurry. I also wanted to open the faucet fully so that the water will be in full blast, but then it would not fall directly into the drain so I settled for a slow stream of water.

Danbo’s head is tilted up making her unbalanced so to prevent her from toppling backwards, I had to fold a tiny sheet of paper and placed it at the back of her heel to keep her steady.

The light in our powder room has a much warmer tone and I wanted the image to have a much cooler tone so I adjusted the white balance in Lightroom 4 to make the lavatory sink whiter and the ambience cooler.

Funny how my titles are so straightforward. I like it though.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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