02/60 Danbo and iPhone.

Trying to catch up on what’s happening, Danbo checks up on the world via an iPhone:

Danbo and iPhone.

I used a black foam board for this shot. I was thinking of just a simple standing pose with a desktop lamp shining directly on her, but it was too boring.

I find Danbo sitting poses as very cool, no matter how, so I changed it to that. Then I thought about taking my iPhone and creating a scene where she appears to be viewing something. I’ve done a shot similar to this one before, albeit with a different device. I turned on the iPhone and chose something that is white to display so that the light shines out, lighting up Danbo’s face.

This was the very first shot. I wanted to re-shoot because the focus was on her far eye, but suddenly my camera was having difficulty nailing the focus and the exposure. What’s more, the iPhone keeps turning off, so I had to turn it on again just to get the light.

Not wanting to fuss about it, which will mean more time spent, I just kept the first one. A few tweaks in post and I have my image.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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