22/60 Danbo Leaves Two Wheels Behind…

…and opted for four:

Danbo Leaves Two Wheels Behind...

Oh boy, talk about getting it right!

This scene took me three re-shoots to get it right.

When I mean “re-shoot” is that I had to set up the scene three times. Normally, I would set up my white foam board background and lights and then set the scene up. After taking an image, I would pack everything up and transfer the image from the camera to my computer for processing.

This one, I had to re-do. Three times.

The first one was okay; it showed Danbo balancing on the skateboard. Mind you, getting Danbo to stand on one leg on top of that skateboard took a lot of patience. She would topple over and over as I search for just the right balancing point.

However, I was not happy with it. There something missing. It was the bicycle. I had to add it to the scene.

Out came the foam board and props. I took a shot. Seems okay, so I packed everything up again. However, when I viewed it in the computer, I was not happy with the way Danbo’s head was posed.

Out came the everything else once again. This time, I really took my time to get the right look that I wanted. I had to alternately view the first image that I took so I can match the current scene with the pose that I got from that first scene. Click goes the camera.

What normally would took five minutes to set up, shoot, pack up and transfer to computer took me half an hour! Oh well, the price of perfection…

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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