23/60 Danbo Skateboard Trick.

Danbo so radical she comes up with a new skateboard trick:

Danbo Skateboard Trick.

She calls it “Danboarding”!

Push the envelope, that’s what I always wanted to do with Danbo.

There are so many Danbo photographs out there and I just want mine to stand out a bit. Hence, the pushing of the envelope and coming up with unique poses for Danbo.

I came up with those while playing around with Danbo to see if there was I way she can do a handstand. Not just an ordinary handstand, but one with a certain appeal and attitude, much like how gymnasts do it. I think I succeeded in that objective.

I can safely claim that I was the one who first came up with bent arms for Danbo. Here’s the first appearance of that look:

125/365: Ain't That The Sad Truth.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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