31/60 Danbo and GF1.

Danbo pays tribute to the camera that sustained us during our Micro Four-Thirds fascination:

Danbo and GF1.

It’s our old Panasonic GF1. It’s a mirror-less camera. I don’t know how to explain what that is, but basically it does not have a mirror, allowing it to be made smaller.

It works like a DSLR. You can inter-change compatible lenses with it. I used a Nikon adapter so I can use all my Nikon lenses with it.

Because it was so small, it was very convenient to carry around.

I soon grew tired of it and wanted to get back to shooting with a DSLR. It’s been in storage ever since. I never had a chance to take a photo of it so I took it out and made one.

Almost all the images I created of Danbo during her early years were taken with this camera. If you were impressed by the quality of those images, then you now know how good this little camera was.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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