41/60 Danbo Getter Rides A Bicycle.

One thing about having a Getter Robo for a body is that it’s much easier to do stuff, say, ride a bicycle:

Danbo Getter Rides A Bicycle.

All that extra joints and opposable thumbs do wonders!

Milking the “Super Danbo as Getter Robo” idea for all it’s worth. I was slightly surprised at how well the Getter body looks when holding a bicycle, especially with the detachable hands that are designed to hold it’s weapons in the package. These hands have holes in them to insert the included weaponry. The grab handles of the bicycle fits in it perfectly!

Doing this series makes me wonder if this is still truly a Danbo image. Does it still carry on with the spirit of Danbo? We shall see…

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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