51/60 Danbo Hits The Slopes.

It’s a good time to go snowboarding:

Danbo Hits The Slopes.

It’s quite a challenge taking photos in the snow.

For one thing, it’s cold out there!

Another thing, importantly, is that the camera gets so confused with all that white and tries to over-expose the image, which results in grey-coloured snow rather than white.

I had to dial in some under-exposure to the camera so I can get it to go white. However, there are times that the cold just won’t let me, so it’s up to post-processing to give me the correct colours I want.

This image came out really crappy. It had a blue-ish tray tint. Took me some post-process tweaking just to get it right.

The snow is not as beautiful and fine too. The weather has been warming up lately and I missed that chance when the snow was still powdery and fresh when it was chillier. Oh well.

Maybe there would be more snow soon.

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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