Danbo 001/365.

And so it begins:

Danbo 001/365

Welcome to the start of my “A Danbo A Day” Project!

It shall be a project of Danbo images past and present that I shall publish on a daily basis for one year.

I got the idea after finding a lot of unpublished Danbo images from my computer’s hard drive. I feel it such a shame not to share them to the world. I shall publish them on a daily basis for one year, completing a “365 Days Of Danbo” project sort of.

It’s not going to be all old, unpublished photos. Should inspiration arises, I shall publish new ones as well. Having a stock of unpublished ones will only make it less stressful for me to keep doing it on a daily basis.

I also elected not to caption my images, rather going with a simple “Danbo” then the number xxx/365, the x’s corresponding to the day of the year the image will be published.

Previously, I would put captions describing the scene. This time, I would let the viewer think of their own captions.

I like that idea. It makes it more challenging for me to choose the right scene to publish. I also want to see how viewers would react to un-captioned images.

There you go! Oh, and a Happy New Year to all! Welcome 2014!

More to come; until the next time, have a nice day!


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