Bruder Liebherr Articulated Road Loader L 574 Unboxing Video.

Unboxing video of my recently acquired Bruder Liebherr Articulated Road Loader L 574:

This is a 1/16 scale high quality toy made by Bruder Toys of Germany.

I decided to get one because I wanted something that I can play with my wife’s nephews and nieces. This one looks like it will be fun to play with. I also want to start collecting a fleet of toy construction vehicles such as this Loader and maybe an Excavator, a Dump Truck, etc.

It’s a fantastic toy. I guess what made it so is that it is made in Germany. I was taken back a bit by that because I have come to know toys nowadays as being all made in China. This one isn’t.

The fit and finish as well as the quality of the ABS plastic on this toy is outstanding! Not only that, the amount of detail that the model has is just fantastic:

Bruder Liebherr Articulated Road Loader.

Bruder Liebherr Articulated Road Loader.

I have the Loader displayed beside me on a side table. The toy is quite large, so glancing at it from time to time lets me appreciate the details on the thing. The size is giving me second thoughts though; I might not have enough space should I start adding more to this collection. I shall still proceed. The plan is to save up for another and get one at least every month until a reasonable number and variety of functional models has been reached.

I have not played with it properly yet and have not let my any of the toddlers in the extended family handle it, but I am sure any 4-year old would enjoy it. I am not sure it would withstand any rough handling by said toddler, though. To be honest, it would be a shame to rough this toy up as the detailing on it is just gorgeous!

Thanks for viewing!


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