Norscot CAT 336D L Hydraulic Excavator.

This is an unboxing video of the Norscot CAT 336D L Hydraulic Excavator:

This is a 1:50 Scale Die-Cast Replica from Norscot.

I’ve been fascinated by these earth-moving equipment for quite some time now and wanted to start collecting them in 1:50 Scale. I got this one directly from the Caterpillar Web Shop, which is based in Toronto, Canada. There are other models available like these, but most of the stores that carry them where from the States. I tried to purchase some from there, but the shipping costs were so astronomically high!

This particular model is nicely detailed and has moving parts just like the real thing such as the boom, stick and bucket. The tracks are metal and they roll. The cab has a detailed interior and can rotate just like the real thing too.

One other reason that I got this model is to try and experiment with it using stop-motion animation, which I plan to get into soon for fun.

Happy viewing!


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