LEGO Star Wars Utapau Troopers Stop-Motion Animation Build.

This is my stop-motion animation build video of the LEGO Star Wars Utapau Troopers, Model 75036:

This model only has 83 pieces and is a very simple build. It comes with four LEGO mini figures, which was why I bought it in the first place.

As always, everything was animated using Dragonframe Stop Motion. Significantly, this was the first time that I used Adobe After Effects to put together the stop-motion animation video. Previously, I would export directly from Dragonframe. This time I imported the image sequences from Dragonframe into After Effects and exported the videos from there.

I still edited the whole Kaboodle in iMovie. Initially, I was playing around with Adobe Premiere Pro, but I found the interface quite confusing. I will keep noodling with Premiere Pro so I can get the hang of it and will make sure to try to use it to edit my next video.

Thanks for viewing! Stay tuned for more!


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